How to Prevent Septic Tank Smell

Septic tanks are designed to completely contain all septic tank smells and any odor coming out of one is not a good sign. Apart from the discomfort it may provoke, it also indicates that something has gone wrong in the septic system. It could be simple problems like pipes and vents that require repairs or major issues like seepage of the tank. There are many scenarios that can result in odorous gases being released uncontrollably from the septic tank. Whatever the cause, septic tank smell is never welcome.

Using bacterial action, septic systems decompose human waste, converting it into solid, gaseous and liquid forms. Both the liquid and gaseous forms can be the cause of septic smells emanating from the system. The solid sludge is not really involved in creating odors because it is usually found at the bottom of the tank.

Septic Tank Smell Can Be Caused by Roof Vents Problems
Septic tanks are always designed with roof vents. These roof vents are useful in equalizing the pressure in the system – which in turn is helpful in stopping the sinks and the toilets in the house from making too much noise when the waste water flows into the septic tank.

These vents should always remain free; when they become clogged, the clogged waste will cause the septic tank to smell. This problem can be resolved by checking the vents and by unclogging the ones that are clogged. There are times when none of the vents are clogged, but septic tank smell still fumes out. This usually happens in the evenings in most houses and can be solved by building a filter into the roof vent. These filters can be purchased through all septic tank vendors or local hardware stores. These filters are carbon based and will capture septic tank smell.

Poor Maintenance is the #1 Cause of Septic Tank Smell
A septic system is a complex system composed of a septic tank, vents, pipes and pressure systems. Any of these components can have a problem, which can cause the septic system to malfunction. To determine the root cause of the problem requires knowledge of the construction and functioning of the system. Here we tell you the symptoms and causes of some major septic problems that can create septic tank smell in the neighborhood.

Overfull septic tanks can be the cause of those lovely septic tank smells. When was the last time you had your septic system pumped? If it has been more than 3 years, then you have delayed the pumping your system and your septic tank may be running at max capacity. Once it is completely full, the waste in it has nowhere to go but to overflow, which it does. The septic effluent is now out in the open and it will start smell.

This can be properly solved only by your septic service company, which you should call immediately. Apart from pumping the septic system, they will also check if there are other problems in the system. It is possible that some other severe issue, like a crack in the body of the tank, is hidden behind the apparent requirement of pumping. Being served by professionals, you can be sure that your problem will be solved, but of course at a cost.

Septic tank smell, apart from being very uncomfortable to be around, is a sign that something is wrong with your septic system. Taking steps to rectify this problem should be your first priority not only for the well functioning septic system, but also to maintain a clean living environment for your family and your pets. Waiting too long to repair this problem should never be an option for you.

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