Septic Tank Covers – An Overview & Where to Buy

Septic tanks are important for waste treatment, especially in rural areas and any residential areas where municipal sewage services may not be available. The importance of these tanks can hardly be understated and likewise the importance of proper maintenance cannot be understated. Septic tank covers falls under the category of proper maintenance. These covers make sure that your septic tank is as hidden as possible. Everyone wants to see the unsightly septic tank as little as possible.

Septic Tank Overview

A septic tank is a steel or concrete tank that is used to decompose waste products either anaerobically, in the absence of oxygen or aerobically, in the presence of oxygen. If so required, you can configure it with other waste water treatment plants on your property.

Regularly maintaining and cleaning a septic tank is necessary to make sure that it keeps functioning as required and as efficiently as possible. To make it easier to maintain the septic tank, its installation should be done with proper care. Make sure that you have all the parts and components installed properly. While maintaining the septic tank, one of the most important steps you can take is using the septic tank cover properly.

Importance of Septic Tank Covers

A septic tank cover serves like no other part of the system does – it makes sure that the septic tank is free of any external objects, and even more importantly perhaps, it makes sure that there is no leakage of material and gaseous matter from the septic tank into the environment. Also, leaving the cover off disturbs the anaerobic environment inside the septic tank, which influences biodegradation negatively. The following points list out the septic cover’s importance and role further:

  • For locations with high traffic or heavy vehicles, more durable and strong septic tanks should be used
  • Septic tank covers are essential to stop rain water from getting into the tank
  • Septic tank covers can be used to add aesthetic value to the environment
  • They prevent smells and other odors from escaping the septic system
  • Closing off the tank permanently is not an option because maintenance should be done regularly. They allow for easier maintenance.

Different Types of Septic Tank Covers

A wide variety of choice is available in septic tank covers. Whether you are looking for its functional purposes only, that of covering the septic tank, or whether you also intend to use it as an aesthetic piece in its immediate environment like a garden, you have a number of options available. From decorative covers varying in color and texture, to ones that are modeled to be fitted and forgotten. Depending on price and choice, you can have any of them. The variation in the construction material is the most important factor influencing. Check out the septic tank covers in the our Septic Store Store (just click on the “Septic Covers” category on that page).

Materials Used in Septic Tank Covers

Concrete septic tank covers: They can withstand heavy weights and stress, and are the most durable of all. These may start to breakdown with age if the construction is dodgy. These are also at risk of cracking if you allow too much weight on them.

Steel Septic Tank Covers: These are easier to install than the concrete covers, but they are at the risk of rust and corrosion. They can also be replaced without having to change the entire system.

Plastic Septic Tank Covers: These do not rust and crack, unlike the concrete and steel ones. But these are structurally weak, and therefore at risk of being damaged if too much stress is applied on them.

A septic tank cover is usually located below ground level. It hides the much larger system, whose depth depends on the type of installation done, You do not want to bury the cover because that will make maintenance more difficult. Install a septic tank riser to bring the access point to ground level.

A Word of Caution

it is very important that a cover be of sufficient strength to withstand an adult’s weight. Apart from the obvious reasons this is important, this also makes sure that your septic tank cover will last longer.

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