Use A Sewer Snake To Remove Drain Roots During Basement Waterproofing

So you have finally made the decision to secure the foundation of your home from possible flooding. This is an excellent idea because it will serve to protect the property from the effects of water damage as well as add additional equity to your home. Sewer drain roots may add to the cost of waterproofing your basement if you do not clear them away because they can cause blockages. Here are some of the reasons why.

First and foremost, you need to know that there is no basement waterproofing system that offers 100 percent protection from flooding. If there’s a powerful rain storm in the area it is highly unlikely that even the most advanced waterproofing precautions will be able to keep your basement free of water. In this case, if the floor pipe has been blocked by drain roots the excessive water will not be able to leave your home.

We all know that when water gets into the basement and doesn’t leave flooding will occur. This is a serious problem that requires a lot of time and money to fix. To prevent this, a simple yearly drain servicing which includes the removal of tree roots will help a lot. There are many local companies that will do the job at a reasonable price using a sewer snake.

Drain cleaning services as well as professional plumbers and waterproofing contractors own heavy-duty drain sewer snakes, also called drain augers. This device will easily remove tree roots from the pipes; however, it may require some time to remove larger tree roots. In extreme cases the contractor has to break the basement concrete floor in order to replace the main sewer line.

I recommend that you use a sewer snake auger to remove the smaller tree roots every few years preventing them from developing into larger tree roots which will clog or break the pipe. This is some of the soundest basement waterproofing advice that you will ever receive.

I’ll tell you why tree roots are such a problem in drain pipes and sewer pipes. Trees need water and they take up the water through their roots. These roots are very good at finding water sources and they’ll travel a long way to get to water. The tiniest crack in a pipe that leaks water into the soil can be found by a near by tree. The root will grow right into the crack because that’s the source of the water. As the tree root grows it can invade the pipe and even break it apart.

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