Septic Tank Cleaner

There are a variety of septic tank cleaners. You might be asking yourself, “why do I want to use a septic tank cleaner when I could just have the septic tank pumped out?” Good question. The answer is, you can get septic cleaners for under $10 and having your septic tank pumped will cost you hundreds of dollars. Septic tank cleaners reduce the amount of sludge in the septic tank. Sludge, as it is called, is the end product of bacteria effluent digestion. It settles to the bottom of the septic tank and it has to be pumped out every few years. If you use cleaners properly you may be able to reduce the frequency of complete septic tank pump outs. In this way septic tank cleaners can save you a lot of money in the long run. For example, we had our septic tank pumped a few days ago and it cost us $350. The septic tank is quite large and there are only two people living in our house so we had not pumped it for many years The sludge build up over time and the extra work required to get it clean had to pay be for. Had I added a septic tank cleaner a few days before the pump out it would likely have reduced the amount of work required and therefore it would have been cheaper. Considering the fact that some septic tank cleaners cost less than $10 in hindsight I probably could’ve saved his a lot of money. Obviously it is something I will do in the future but you can learn from my mistake and do it immediately!

Another advantage of using a septic tank cleaner is that you maintain a healthy septic system by using them. Let me explain, if your septic tank is filling up with sludge you are not going to see it happening, it is just going to happen. And because you cannot see it, some of the sledge might be leaving the septic tank and making its way into your drainage fields; which is very bad news. If too much sludge slides into the drainage fields the septic system may fail because in a normally functioning system only greywater enters the drain field. Sludge is like mud and over time it will clog the drainage field and cause major damage, possibly system failure. Drain field failure can cause tens of thousands of dollars to repair. Armed with this information, you can take the preemptive step of using a septic tank cleaner to reduce the sludge in your tank and prolong the life of your septic system. Most septic tank cleaners are very easy to use, you just pour them into a toilet and flush; job complete. It really doesn’t get any easier than that. When you consider the low cost of a septic tank cleaner as well as the potential benefits of keeping your septic tanks maintained you be crazy not to do it.

It is a lot like the oil in your car. If you do not change the oil in your oil the sludge will build up in the bottom and it will be circulated throughout the engine. You will not notice anything at first, but after a while the engine will run a little more roughly and eventually, if you do not get the oil changed, the engine will stop running! Same with a septic system, add the septic tank cleaner to keep the system running optimally. By using cleaners you are postponing septic tank pumping which saves you money.

Below you’ll find some variety of septic tank cleaners and a little bit of information on each of them. If you own a septic tank and you have not pumped it in the past few years I encourage you to either go out yourself and see if it is full. You can also call someone to have a look. I do know that calling someone will cost you money, usually less than $100, but that saves you from having to do the stinky job opening your septic tank.

Using any of the septic tank cleaners below on a regular basis will greatly improve the health of your septic system and reduce the number of times you have to have your septic tank pumped. Cleaners may also reduce the cost of pumping when you do have it pumped since they will reduce the amount of sludge.

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