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3 Easy Septic Tank Spring Clean Tips

Properly maintaining your septic tank doesn’t have to be a chore and you don’t have to be working at it constantly. Here are 3 quick tips to make it painless. And the special offer is at the very bottom of this article. Tip #1 If it has been over 4 years since your septic system (Continue reading)

Use A Sewer Snake To Remove Drain Roots During Basement Waterproofing

So you have finally made the decision to secure the foundation of your home from possible flooding. This is an excellent idea because it will serve to protect the property from the effects of water damage as well as add additional equity to your home. Sewer drain roots may add to the cost of waterproofing (Continue reading)

Some Things You Need To Know About Septic Tank Services

If you’re a property owner in Oregon, Sherwood, Columbus, Knoxville, Tennessee, or the Ohio and you use a septic tank system for the disposal of your family’s waste there are several things that you should know about septic tank services. The size of the tank and the quantity of waste material that needs processing will (Continue reading)

How Do I Remove Tree Roots From My Sewer Lines?

There are many benefits to be gained from trees once they are planted in the right location. On the other hand, if they are located near sewer lines they will become more of a nuisance than anything else; tree roots and sewer lines don’t mix. Tree roots are excellent at locating water and will travel (Continue reading)

How to Properly Pump Your Septic Tank

As a matter of hygiene, septic tanks need to be clean and well-maintained at all times; however, there are many people who do not care much about this important responsibility. One of the most important steps towards a well-maintained septic system is learning how to pump your septic tank; or better yet, how to find (Continue reading)

What is Septic Seep?

The process of septic seeping was invented in 1953 in the laboratory of Chevron-Ortho by wastewater and soils specialists. Septic Seep is a chemical that arrives in your drain field and interacts with the soils to reduce the occurrence of hardpan soil situations. Septic Seep mechanism of action is similar to that enzymes and bacteria, (Continue reading)

4 Critical Steps of a Thorough Septic Tank Inspection

It is incredibly important to get your septic tank inspected on a regular basis by a trained and certified professional, to prevent possible issues that in the future could lead to septic tank failure. Similar to the process of getting a multi-point inspection whenever you change the oil in your car at a repair center, (Continue reading)

Do Septic Tank Additives Work?

The short answer to the question in the title, “Do septic tank additives work?” is yes, they do. However, some are more safe than others and not all of them work equally well. I’ll tell you about all the things you need to know about septic tank additives in this article. What Are the Different (Continue reading)

Septic Tank Inspection

Once a septic system is installed it needs periodic care and repair to keep working properly as the waste treatment plant. Required maintenance is determined by septic tank inspection and pumping it on a regular basis. The maintenance schedule will vary in direct correlation with the size of the septic tank, how many people are (Continue reading)

Things to Consider when Septic Tank Emptying

A septic system is designed to convert toxic human and organic waste into harmless compounds via decomposition using bacteria. One of the most important components of a septic system is the septic tank. The septic tank acts as the container that holds the waste, while it is decomposed anaerobically by the bacteria. After the waste (Continue reading)