InSinkErator 45 Food Disposal Unit Review

The InSinkErator 45 is a food disposal unit that you building into your sink. These units are often called garburators. You have probably been told that a food disposal unit is bad for your septic tank and some of the older ones can be. Luckily, all of the food that is passed through the InSinkErator 45 is safe for your septic tank. But keep in mind that you can’t run all food waste through this unit, use common sense. In other words, don’t try to run bones through it. If your septic tank is able to take care of all the stuff that comes from the dishwater, toilet and washing machine then it can handle the InSinkErator 45.

Some people have said that this unit leaks, but that usually comes down to poor installation. Most food disposal units will last you for 5 years depending on how often you use it. Believe it or not, the unit in my kitchen has been working flawlessly for nearly 20 years.

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INSINKERATOR International 45.50 HP Disposer



InSinkErator 45 Specifications

  • Continuous Feed – 0.5 HP
  • 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Capacity of the Grinding Chamber; ¼ gallon
  • “Single Sound” Baffle System
  • Rotating Shredder with a Galvanized Steel Shredder Ring
  • Fits into a standard 3.5 inch sink outlet
  • Fast and Easy installation of the Mounting System

The InSinkErator 45 waste disposal unit will…

  • Fit under pretty much all standard sinks
  • Help empty your garbage can or compost heap
  • Easily handle crusts, kitchen scraps, peelings, egg shells and much more
  • Get rid of cooked food items that cannot be composted
  • Reduce the amount of fluid in garbage bags
  • Eliminate food waste smells usually associated with garbage cans
  • Lower the amount of waste sent to the garbage dump and consequently lower CO2 emissions from landfills
  • Help reduce the average amount of household waste by one-quarter

In conclusion, the InSinkErator 45 is a good choice for most house-hold kitchens. Even in houses that rely on septic tanks since all of the food that goes through this is disposal unit is septic tank safe. Get it here.

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