Ecological Laboratories 10Q Microbe-Lift Septic and Cesspool Treatment Review

10Q Microbe-Lift Product Details

  • 32oz septic cleaner
  • One bottle treats 750 to 1000 gallon septic systems for 6 months
  • This product contains natural anaerobic bacteria that have powerful enzines to dramatically reduce septic odors
  • This product is guaranteed to digest grease, fats, oils, and tissue
  • Improves system performance

Ecological Laboratories 10Q Microbe-Lift Septic and Cesspool Treatment Review

One bottle of 10Q Microbe-Lift product is able to treat a normal household septic system (750-1000) gallons for six months. The microbes in this product are nontoxic and nonpathogenic so they are safe to work with, but do not intentionally expose yourself.

I have been using 10Q Microbe-Lift for a few years on my own septic system (my septic system is only 7 years old) with no problems. I still have my system pumped out every 3 years, so I’m not sure if it is the 10Q Microbe-Life that is easing the maintenance or if it is because it’s a new system.

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Ecological Laboratories 10q Microbe-Lift Septic and Cesspool Treatment


Treats 750 to 1000 gallon systems for 6 months. Natural anaerobic bacteria with powerful enzymatic.

I have to share another example with you.

A friend of mine lives in a 250 year old house with the original septic system. They treat it when 10Q Microbe-Lift year round and have it pumped out every few years. Their system runs like a charm and is odor free. That is quite impressive for a system that is so old. In this case we know that the 10Q Microbe-Lift is doing something because a system that old would normally need a lot of attention.

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